Our Impact

Our Impact

School Survey Results July 2019

Improvement as a result of DRP support (teacher assessment)

Attitude to reading
87% good or excellent improvement

Reading performance
67% good or excellent improvement

Confidence in reading
75% good or excellent improvement

General confidence & self esteem
73% good or excellent improvement

What do teachers say about DRP?

Excellent Work - child-centered and the children really enjoy it! All have shown increased self-esteem and ability to work independently.

DRP school 2019

DRP has had a big impact on the children's attitude and performance. The visit from the DRP is the highlight of the children's week.

DRP school 2019

We value our reading partners hugely for their professional and caring attitude. They deliver so much more than support in reading: turn-taking, talking, listening, sharing, winning and losing..

DRP school 2019

The service has been hugely beneficial for the pupils involved - increased confidence and self-esteem, and most importantly for our students, one to one time with an adult who has nurtured them over the year. Thank you!

DRP school 2019

Our DRP has been amazing! She really connects with the children and ensures they feel like they are the ones ‘taking the lead’ in the sessions, which boosts their confidence and increases their enjoyment of reading.

DRP school 2019

Dorset Reading Partners provide an invaluable service for schools. They help teachers to target certain children who need that extra support to become more confident with their reading skills.

DRP school 2019

We really value this service and the opportunities that it provides for our children.

DRP school 2019
What do children say about DRP?

“It’s my favourite bit in the week, we talk and read books and it’s not like work and it’s fun really.”

“I like the books and you get to choose, and I like playing games at the end. I think I like all of it!”

“We read lots of books and my reading has got better since we started. I like reading now.”

“I get to choose what we read so it’s not boring like some books. It has made me like reading.”

” I didn’t really like reading but now it’s OK . I’ve read lots of books and I’m going to keep on reading.”