The Reading Partner Role

The reading partner role

More than just listening to children read

Our reading partners mentor young readers and help them to develop a lifelong love of reading.

Reading partners are placed in primary schools close to home and work with the same children each week throughout the school year.  They talk, share books and other reading-related activities together, with the aim of improving confidence, literacy skills and enjoyment of reading.

With comprehensive training, quality resources and ongoing support from our team, our volunteers can be confident that their input will have a lasting impact on the children that they work with.

Reading choices

Reading partners are equipped with a box full of top quality resources so children can explore new interests and choose for themselves what they would like to read.

Sharing books

We share the reading so it is never a chore, and use a range of strategies to support, enthuse and encourage our young readers.


Nurturing summarises our role, allowing children to work at their own pace and giving them the opportunity to enjoy and gain confidence in their reading.

Making reading fun

Above all, it’s about making reading fun, sharing our enthusiasm and encouraging children to develop their own reading habits.